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~!~Welcome To Our Hame Page~!~
Rite Troopz Hope Yee Like Our Site And If Yee Hink Its Shite So Wit Its Oor 1st Attepmt!
Have A Wee Look Aboot
Dont Steal Any Oor Stuff.Hope Yee Like Oor Site.

*~*Robyn *n* Danielle Runnin It 2oo3 Style YasSsSsSsS
We Both Support Celtic So If Yer A Billy Get Tae(Kidden Oan)

Robyn *n* Danielle B.F.F.E
Rite 1 Last Things Troopz We've No Got That Many Picz So If U Want Ur Pic Oan Give Us A Bell


!!!Robyn *n* Danielle R.T.F.S Foxbar All The Way!!!